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Full text of "Super Smash (1982)(Commodore)[a]"

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Loading the Cartridge and Starting the Game. 

1. Turn your VIC-20 OFF before inserting or removing the 

2. Insert the cartridge (label side up) into the wide expansion 
port on the back of the computer. 

3. Turn the VIC-20 ON. After a second or two, the opening title 
should appear on the screen, (If the title doesn't appear, turn 
your VIC-20 off then back on). 

Adjusting Screen Position 

Tocenter the picture use the Hi and ^fl keys. Each time you 

press the HH key, the picture will move to the right, and when 

the KB key is pressed, the picture will move towards the 
bottom of your TV screen. Keep using these two keys until you 
are satisfied the picture is centered within your screen. (NOTE: 
Onee the game has begun you can not change tha screen 

Eliminating Screen Flutter 

On some TV sets with automatic fine tuning your screen may 
"flutter" up and down when using a computer or video game. To 

correct this, hold down the BIW key and hit the MMM key 
(NOTE: Doing this with a standard TV set may cause the screen 
to flutter). 


Smash through increasingly difficult levels. You control the 
paddle — moving from right to left . . . center your paddle 
beneath the smashing ball . . . sending it back towards the 
wall . . . smashing through the blocks. 

3 different games in one. Choose your level of play by 
pressing . . . 

F1 ...Normal Play 

F2 ... Special Play 

F3 Progressive Play 

Each time you smash through to the ceiling, your paddle 
cuts down to 1/2 of its original size . . . more skill, more action 
and more fun. 


Only played with game paddles . . . 

Fire Button ...Starts game 

Paddles Controls movement of game paddle 


Red Blocks 10 Pts. 

Light Blue Blocks 20 Pts. 

Pink Blocks 30 Pts. 

Green Blocks ..40 Pts. 

Dark Blue Blocks 50 Pts. 

Yellow Blocks 60 Pts. 

There are no 60 point blocks In progressive play. 




Primed in Hong Kong